BraZen Emperor X 2.1 Elite Esports DAB Surround Sound Gaming Chair Floor Rocker

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BraZen Emperor X 2.1 Elite Esport DAB Surround Sound Gaming Chair is our top of the range floor
rocker offering.
This is an innovative gaming chair whose launch is deliberately timed to coincide with the
introduction of the new PS5 and Xbox X games consoles. It incorporates the latest industry
knowledge to ensure the BraZen Emperor offers the gamer the best alround e
The chair offers market leading wonderful comfort with its quilted foam backed faux leather easy
clean covering.
The chair has strong solid fixed padded arms and folds to facilitate easy storage.
The chair incorporates RGB push button technology
to enable the user of the chair to switch
between Digital, Analogue or Bluetooth audio signals very easily. The chair comes with a
complimentary selection of audio and optical cables and is capable of connecting in numerous ways
directly or indirectly to
almost any audio device
including all major games consoles


  • Two speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Digital, Bluetooth and hardwired connectivity
  • Control panel with push on/off power button; volume +/- ; bass knob +/- ; RGB push button for changing from Digital, Analogue and hardwired connectivity; power input socket and analogue audio input socket digital/optical audio input socket; headphone jack
  • UK/EU power adaptor: Input 230-240V; Output DC 12V 1.5 Amp
  • Padded PP moulded conventional style fixed arms and screws to fix
  • Fabric: BS5852 PU in front and sides; BS5852 PVC for back. BS5852 foam.
  • 550mm round pedestal base, mechanism and piston
  • Complimentary digital and analogue audio cables and screws to fix
  • Approx Assembled Approx Measurements: Height 106 cm; Width 82.5; Depth 67.5 cm
  • Approx Carton Size: approx dimensions 74cm x 49cm x 58cm
  • Approx Weight : Net 18.5 kg; Gross 21.8 kg
  • Approx maximum recommended load weight 100 kg
  • BraZen branded headrest, front of seat, back of seat and control panel
  • Frequency range of speakers is 170~15KHZ, subwoofer is 90~8.5KHZ.
  • Bluetooth version is V5.0.
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above up. Genuine adult sized chair
  • Please be aware that it is the responsibility of individual customers to ensure that the gaming chair is compatible with any device or surface it is connected to. We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever, except for negligence and death, for any problems arising with other devices or surface from use of our products. The chair is designed to connect either directly or indirectly (eg via tv) to almost any device with an audio output.
  • This is not a toy

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