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All aboard, please, the ride's starting. Punctually like clockwork you start your working day as a bus driver and transport your passengers safely to their destination. In the hustle and bustle of city life, it is not always easy to keep to schedules, follow traffic rules and turn your blinkers at the right intersection. Timetables through big cities as well as numerous trips in suburbs provide variety and long-term driving pleasure! Buses from various eras and countries will accompany you on your journeys. Buy new buses with your hard-earned money or design your already available vehicles according to your taste! Play in free mode or fulfill different scenarios while you live your dream job and take over an important role in public life!

Different busses from different countries and epochs guarantee you varied journeys.

Real cities and suburbs on an area of 12 km let you meet your timetables on a wide variety of routes.

Numerous possibilities to upgrade and design the buses - give your vehicles your own personal touch.

Different weather conditions and times of the day demand your adapted driving behaviour.

Different traffic situations such as accidents, traffic jams, night drives or long-distance journeys demand your skilful and considered action.

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