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Metro Simulator - the realistic subway simulatorAttention - the train is now arriving at platform 1!

You are the train operator and thousands of people rely on you every day on their way to work or home. Take this unique chance to experience Moscow's subway systems in a whole new way! You control the train just like in real life: Accelerate, brake, open doors, switch cameras, set car functions and many other tasks! Take on the role of a passenger and visit stations, trains and the depot. Will you rise to the challenge and take control deep under the metropolis? Your passengers trust in you, get them to their destination safely and on time!

Realistic driving experience: Control your train like in real life. Stations and tunnels are recreated with all routes, gradients and curves.

Interactive traffic light system: plan your route and get to your destination on time

Intelligent passenger flow system: your passengers react to arriving trains, board, find a seat and get ready to board and disembark.

Time of day: Stress during the day - calm at night! Your passenger rush varies depending on the time of day.

The most beautiful station in the world: It's waiting for you!

Varied daily routine: Perform various tasks in different scenarios, follow the instructions of the dispatcher and react to events such as people falling on the tracks.

Free game mode: Choose your own route and determine the starting station, the time, the timetable.

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