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Incredibly detailed and highly articulated 7' scale Lui Kang figure based off theMortal Kombat FranchiseShaolin monk and Champion ofEarthrealm. Liu Kang was an orphan adopted and trained in the arts ofkombatby the Shaolin order. He honored them by defeating Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat and saving theEarthrealmas 'the Chosen One,' a title that weighs heavy in his shoulders.

Liu Kangisfeatured in hisArt ofWu Shuskin as seen inMortal Kombat

Incredibly detailed 7' scale figure based off theMortal Kombat Franchise

Designed with Ultra Articulation withup to22 moving partsfor full range of posing

IncludesNunchakusXuanwu, x2 alternate posed hands,and base

Figureisshowcased inMortal Kombatthemed window box packaging

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