Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair (Neon Purple/Neon Orange)

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A whole new sense of play
Imagine the Joy-Con is a glass of ice cubes. Thanks to the HD vibration, you can feel the ice cubes moving in the glass while moving the Joy-Con.

One, two... The HD vibration is so realistic that you can say how many ice cubes it is – as if you actually hold the glass in your hand.

The HD-vibration function of the Joy-Con enables an intoxicating gaming experience, which would not be possible solely through image and sound.

Feel form, movement and distance
The infrared motion camera of the Joy-Con (R) detects forms, movements and the distance of objects that the camera sees.

For example, it can detect whether a hand is showing straight scissors, stone or paper. With this new function, more input methods are now available than ever before!

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Highlights & Details

  • The Nintendo Switch console has a controller on each side, which can both be used together: The Joy-Con.
  • If you connect both Joy-Con with the Joy-Con holder, you can use it like a traditional controller. Without the holder, you can use both independantly as two separate controllers.
  • Just give a Joy-Con to a friend, you can play multiplayer games together or against each other.
  • The Joy-Con can be used individually vertically or horizontally for playing, but also playing with a Joy-Con per hand is possible.
  • Connect the Joy-Con wrist straps included in the package to the Joy-Con and then attach them to your wrist to use motion control. If you hold the Joy-Con on the side, you can also use the SL and SR buttons comfortably.

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