Tiny Troopers Global Ops

Software: Nintendo Switch
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Tiny Troopers: Global Ops is an action-packed co-op twin-stick shooter for up to 4 players in which you lead an elite squad of Tiny Troopers on action-packed missions to take down hordes of unscrupulous enemies from all corners of the world!

Join forces in all-new multiplayer battles with Couch Co-Op and Global leaderboards.

Lead your Tiny Troopers to victory in 60 explosive missions!

Non-stop frenetic arcade action that is easy to pick up and play.

Unleash a devastating arsenal of quick-fire weaponry on your enemies.Ride in a helicopter to take out anti-aircraft guns or jump on a Humvee & man a heavy machine gun.

Complete wide-ranging military objectives and upgrade your troopers' abilities and appearance.

Dynamic, action-based, twin-stick shooter movement and firing mechanics.

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