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Prepare yourself for battle on the next generation of console with theGioteckTX-50X/P. With 50mm high impact drivers enabling you to track every footstep, get ready to feel the advantage over your enemies. Over-ear softAlcantaracushions provide precise delivery of sound with extreme comfort for long gaming sessions. The bendable metal mic guarantees that your team hear every command. A fully rubberised finish ensures the TX-50's outside packs as much of a punch as it's inside.Gioteck Come Get Some.

50mm high impact drivers producing balanced sound from thundering explosions in all-out Wars to discreet footsteps. Accurate positional audio to pick up on the direction of the enemies.

Tactile rubber finish

Robust build quality with softalcantaracushioning for superior comfort andaomni directional flexible boom mic for perfect sound clarity.

Multiplatform Compatibility With a 3.5mm audio jack for compatibility across all gaming consoles.

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