Very Very Valet

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Very Very Valet is a madcap couch co-op party game - all drivers welcome!

1 to 4 players control an 'elite' team of puppet valets, working together to overcome any and all valet-related challenges. Its going to take teamwork and a certain 'just park it anywhere' mentality to save the world from a severe parking crisis! Its not enough to just be a valet - be a VERY VERY VALET. Its not enough to just be a valet - be a VERY VERY VALET!

Every physical edition of the game comes with a redeemable code for an exclusive Valet!

Madcap Couch Co-op: Valet alone or with friends! Up to four players can work together to solve this severe parking shortage. Help each other and hitch a ride, or cause chaos launching your fellow valets wildly - the choice is yours!

No License Necessary: Driving has never been easier - just point and go! Accessible driving controls allow anyone to quickly become a valet, with plenty of hidden techniques for mastering your valet game and cornering the market.

The World is Your Parking Lot: Show off your car corralling skills in over 20 unique levels! You'll be helping out customers in a variety of locations and scenarios - city streets, cliffsides, bowling alleys, airports, and even trainyards.

Become Very Very Valet: Join this elite squad of valets! Whatever the parking need, Very Very Valets are ready to accept the call. Grab your friends and leave no car unattended!

Physical Exclusive: Every physical version comes with a redeemable code for an exclusive Valet!

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